Published Papers

  • Song, H., Chun, H., Brodmann, J., & Song, Y. (2020). Organized labor and Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from Korea. Business Ethics: A European Review, Forthcoming
  • Unsal, O., & Brodmann, J. (2020). The Impact of Employee Relations on the Reputation of the Board of Directors and CEO. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Forthcoming
  • Hoque, M.E., Hassan, M.K., Zaidi, M.A.S., and Brodmann, J. (2020) Global Shocks, Monetary Policy, and Financial Market: Evidence from a Transition Economy. International Journal of Economics and Management. 14(3): 379-400.
  • Agyei-Boapeah, H., Adu-Boakye, S., Amankwah-Amoah, J., & Brodmann, J. (2020). Customer Satisfaction in Microfinance Institutions: Insights from Ghana. Enterprise Development and Microfinance.
  • Singhvi, M., Hossain, and Brodmann, J. (2020) ‘New Auditors are Coming: Disrupting the Fixed Mindset and Exploring the Dynamic Changes in Auditing’, The EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter, Forthcoming
  • Unsal, O., & Brodmann, J. (2019). Workplace Environment and Payout Policy. Journal of Economics and Business, 106, 105843.
  • Brodmann, J., Unsal, O., & Hassan, M. K. (2019). Political Lobbying, Insider Trading, and CEO Compensation. International Review of Economics & Finance, 59, 548-565.
  • Zaman, Q. U., Hassan, M. K., Akhter, W., & Brodmann, J. (2019), Does the Interest Tax Shield Align with Maqasid al Shariah in Finance?. Borsa Istanbul Review, 19(1), 39-48.
  • Rayfield, B., Hassan, M.K., Brodmann, J., and Huda, M. (2018), Modeling Credit Risk in Credit Unions using Survival Analysis, International Journal of Bank Marketing, 36(3), 482-495.
  • Brodmann, J., Rayfield, B., Hassan, M. K., & Mai, A. T. (2018). Banking Characteristics of Millennials. Journal of Economic Cooperation & Development, 39(4), 43-73.
  • Ngene, G., Brodmann, J. and Hassan, M. K. (2018), Dynamic Volatility and Shock Interactions between Oil and the U.S. Economic Sectors, Journal of Business Accounting and Finance Perspectives, 1(1).

Book Chapters

  • Brodmann, J. and Huda, M. (2019), Financial Analysis for Mobile and Cloud Applications. Expert Systems in Finance: Smart Financial Applications in Big Data Environments. Abingdom, UK: Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Brodmann, J. and Wuthisatian, P. (2019), Intelligent Distributed Applications in E-Commerce and E-banking: Smart Financial Applications in Big Data Environments. Abingdom, UK: Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Hassan, M. K., Aliyu, S., and Brodmann, J. (2017). An Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance. In The Most Important Concepts in Finance. Cheltenham, GL: Edward Elgar Publishing, Forthcoming.
  • Hassan, M. K., Sanchez, B., and Brodmann, J. ‘The Prospect of an Islamic Common Market’, Intra Trade in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries: Removing Obstacles and Promoting Trading Business, Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, December 2016.

Working Papers

  • Brodmann, J., Hassan, M.K., Huda, M., and Safa M.F., ‘The Impact of Incarceration on Firm Performance’, Working Paper, 2020
  • Huda, M., Hassan, M.K., and Brodmann, J., ‘Diversity Reputation and Firm Performance’, Working Paper, 2020
  • Brodmann, J. and Wuthisatian, P. ‘The Liquidity and Performance of SRI Investments’, Working Paper, 2020
  • Mustafa, N., Hassan, M. K., and Brodmann, J., ‘Market Power and Bank Performance in MENA Countries’, Working Paper, 2020
  • Brodmann, J. Rayfield, B. and Unsal, O., ‘Equity Crowdfunding Success and Survival’, Working Paper, 2018
  • Metawa, N., Mukherjee, T., and Brodmann, J., ‘Governance Structure and Start-up Survival’, Working Paper, 2018
  • Brodmann, J., Hassan, M.K., and Lee, Y.D., ‘The Impact of Student Loan Debt and Healthcare Costs on Entrepreneurship’, 2018
  • Huda, M., Brodmann, J. and Hassan, M.K., ‘Journalist Incarceration and Financial Markets’, Working Paper, 2018
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